Professional career advice

Doradztwo HR dla firm

Professional career advice I propose is relied on my experience in Human Resources in France and abroad. I’ve been HR Manager of different skill centers: aeronautics, space, civil, energy, health. I’ve provided HR advice to my 320 employees of various profils. I’ve provided also a closely HR support to managers in HR important issues.

My HR expertise proposed to companies can be realized in English or French. If you have, or plan to recruit, international profils, this service will be perfect for you. I can put forward my HR support in 3 main fields:

  • recruitment of your new talents;
  • evaluation of your employees;
  • professional evolution of your teams;


My areas of expertise

My professional career advice is explained by the expertise in different HR domains :

  • Recruitment of different profiles with maximum hiring process with 70 engineers. I’ve managed recruitment plan, realized job interviews in French and English, participated in evaluation and decision-making process of candidats, and integrating of newly-hired employees.
  • Career counselling to  320 employees with various profiles : I’ve participated in evaluation committee, in deployment of skill map, managed compensation policy, provided HR support to management team,  set up and animated des meetings with « career managers », identified skills of employees and made them grow, managed the mobility of employees.
  • Relations major schools and universities : I’ve created and maintained partnerships, coordinated 6 Campus Managers, participated in recruitment events.
  • Training : I’ve managed training plan of 320 employees, followed-up their individual needs, advised them and managers from HR point of view.
  • International mobility: I’ve been coordinator of Aerospace & Defense entity with 1500 employees, I’ve monitored the respect of legal procedures, helped employees in their international relocations.
  • Personnel administration : I’ve validated work contracts, provided legal advise to employees and managers, managed litigations, provided HR daily support to my 320 employees.
  • Social relations : I’ve taken part in meetings with representative institutions and  responded to staff representative questions.

My professional assets

During professional career advice process proposed to my clients, they trust me for my:

  • HR expertise;
  • bilingual service;
  • international experience;
  • dynamism, reactivity and availability;
  • values : adaptability, diversity, fun.

It is with pleasure I’ll provide you my HR advice relied on my passion for Human Resources CONTACT