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Graduate career advice

Graduate career advice – this is exactly what you need for the success of your students.

During my professional experience as HR Manager, I’ve worked with lot of companies from different industrial environments. This way, I know their current needs for internships and job positions.

To be called for an interview, your application must be perfectly prepared.  And to be hired, you must succeed in your job interview. I’ve been working in recruitment domain for over 10 years; I’ve hired mostly engineers : consultants, computer engineers, project managers, etc. I’ve seen and analysed thousands of CV and cover letters. I’ve met and hired hundreds of candidates.

Advantages of my offers

What is the value of my offer ? I propose bilingual services. The achievements in English are currently more and more needed. That is also why my services are mostly in two languages.

Thanks to my bilingual HR expertise, your students will get professional level with:

  • HR toolset for a perfect writing of their CV and cover letters;
  • knowledge of all elements to take into account and those to avoid for their job interview process;

Graduate career advice that I propose to students is realized during workshops. The sessions mixe theoretical content with practice which inevitably encourages interactions and assess.

Do not wait any more and give the opportunity to your students to be the most professional as possible from the beginning of their career CONTACT