Career - Advice in your professional evolution

Doradztwo HR dla firm

Your Career is the key for your successful professional life ! HR advice in professional evolution is relied on my 15-year international experience and in Human Resources domain.


The consulting process I propose to the executives profils who:

  • want to evolve in their current companies but don’t have clear visibility on possible opportunities;
  • look for concrete solutions to their efficient performance and annual review;
  • look for new professional opportunities;
  • need an HR advice on writing their resume and cover letter;
  • want to succeed in their job interview;

You choose the offer the best corresponding to your professional needs. To guarantee an individualization of my service, I propose you an initial interview as I could have more details on your professional objective. Then, I adapt the content of the chosen offer to your expectations.


The offer of Career advice for executives is realized individually and in workshops.  It’s important for me to allow students to get progress in their professional projects. My methods take place through active and personalized approaches in a dynamic and friendly work environment.


If you need to have an individual consulting offer, it will be a pleasure for me to advice you in your evolution career, in success of your annual development interview, in job search process, in writing or translation of your application, in realization of your recruitment interview. During my professional experience, I’ve had the opportunity of working with lot of students of various profiles. I’ve provided them HR advice adapting their individual expectations, assets and values to real work market conditions.


Nothing better than workshops where the practice is put forward. These sessions are organized with maximum 10 members in a friendly and dynamic environment.

To adapt my offer to your need in the best way possible , I propose you a prior meeting. I can get then more details about your professional objective and prepare the offer exactly for you.

Do not wait any more, contact me to succeed in your evolution career.